The Old Wellington & Sinclairs, Manchester

Two of Manchester's most loved buildings dismantled and moved to a new site alongside the Cathedral as part of the City Centre Redevelopment following destruction by the 1996 IRA Bomb

The Old Wellington, on the left, is a half-timbered tavern
dating from 1530.

Sinclairs Oyster bar is built of rendered brick and dates from about 1720. Photographs taken since the mid nineteenth century always show it painted to resemble half timbering.

A new amenity block containing lavatories links the two historic buildings. Stonework relates to surrounding buildings yet echoes the character of half-timbering.

Detail of the contempary clock face on the new interconecting block.

The two Pubs continue to enjoy a popular shared outdoor leisure area.
Interior of Sincairs Oyster Bar
Interior of The Old Wellington